Bookkeeping services

Here at Madam Bookkeeper's, we are not just bookkeepers, we can provide you with every possible service related to managing and organising your day-to-day business transactions including:

  • Maintaining sales records

  • Recording payments made

  • Payments made to suppliers

  • Reconcile bank accounts

  • GST/PAYE/FBT filing

  • Ledger reconciliations

  • Monthly reporting

  • Custom reporting

  • Account processing to trial balance

  • Software conversions

The records that we will maintain include receipts, expenditure, accounts receivable, accounts payable, profit loss and balance sheet details which take the form of your monthly reports.

As bookkeepers, we take pride in organising your financial information so that you can run the rest of your business as smoothly as possible.


Payroll services

The services we provide to our customers include payroll services as well. We are proficient in the use of a range of Xero, Flexitime, Crystal, Smart payroll packages. Our preference is to work in the Cloud but services can also be provided to you in house. The main tasks undertaken include:

  • Full payroll services

  • PAYE filing


  • Payroll software conversions

Xero is an accounting software program that is specifically designed to manage all the accounts of the small business. This excellent software makes entering data and performing different operations on the entered data a relatively simple task. It saves time and its reliability and security are unquestionable. Its main features include:

  • Effective management of cash flow and proper scheduling of payments

  • Simplified handling of personal expenses

  • Ease of adding documents such as bills and invoices and new data  

  • Inventory items help in invoice production through tracking sales and purchases

  • Can be operated from a mobile phone as well as being compatible with all operating systems

In short, Xero provides data security, business integrity, and online accounting.


Is a payroll software program that is considered as the perfect payroll solution for many businesses. Whether employees work full time or part time, their working hours can be managed effectively with the use of this software. The major input needed is specification of the time slots at which the employees must be at work. The other time phases will depend on their availability and on the nature of the work. There are several benefits every organisation can receive by using Flexitime including:

  • Accuracy

  • Mobility

  • Simplicity

This software facilitates the fast and accurate extraction of all information concerning invoices and bank receipts. With the added option of data integration, all the recorded information can be directly transferred to the Xero account. The software provides the following benefits:

  • Effective management of all expenses

  • Integration with Xero, receipts and invoices are automatically transferred

  • All data included in receipts and invoices is saved with maximum security and accuracy

  • Option of automatic publishing

  • With both Xero and Hubdoc in the Cloud, users can access information whenever they want and information will not get lost